Other Activities


Kayaking provides you the opportunity to paddle and explore the idyllic waters around our island, catch a bit of the sun and live up the fitness spirit with your friends.

We offer leisure kayaking, short expeditions round the island and trips to Dayang and Pulau Lang. We will also be sharing someĀ  basic kayaking skills to our participants.


The tentacles of modernisation have crept up on our everyday lives, and people need a recreation that takes them back to nature. Capture the rustic ambience of village life, immerse yourself in the sights and sound of plantations, rainforests and harvest durians and juicy, sweet mangoes, spot wildlife in their natural environment and experience the life of a different culture.


For non-divers, snorkeling provides you with the chance to observe the underwater life. Get a close look at tropical fishes and reefs, and it can also be the first step to take before considering diving courses.